Our city centres are part of a heritage that needs to be preserved and protected over time, in order for them to be evidence of our history.

We work every day to “AverCura” of buildings of important historical and architectural significance with restoration interventions.

After a careful analysis of the stones and plasters and of the general conservation status of the historical buildings, it is possible to determine the causes that led them to degradation in order to develop a restoration project using appropriate techniques.


With an unrivalled wealth of experience through generations on working sites, we have achieved excellence even in civic and industrial construction, thanks to extreme attention to planning, to materials used and to safety on building sites.

After the first consultation with the client, site visits are carried out in order to define the best strategy with the purpose of obtaining an optimal result.

We satisfy clients’ requests – without neglecting, however, quality and safety, pivotal factor of our policy.


We work at national level for “AverCura” of every need of protection and valorisation linked to the complex world of cultural heritage.

After carrying out the necessary observations, we conduct a first phase of analysis – preventive archaeology – that constitutes a series of diagnostic investigations in order to be able to value the presence of archaeological evidence useful for defining possible risks of the artwork.

Our process can be divided into:

  • Analysis of archaeological potential;

  • Planning of interventions;

  • Stratigraphic excavation and data processing;

  • Conservation and valorisation.