It is a vision very close to our hearts.

Restoration is not only about bringing back the former splendour of a basilica, a palace, a mansion or a castle, it is also about the re-emergence of that beauty which time has carried away.

Restoration is about revealing the real beauty, that of the flow of time, transforming and renewing life.

Restoration is about taking care, it is about profound and constant attention and patience. Researching, knowing the artwork in depth and grasping all of its details – which always make the difference – is our primary commitment.

Matter takes form


"Teamwork is made possible by the passion and dedication of the individual" | Nicolì s.p.a.

From our side, we have experienced engineers, architects, restorers, master craftsmen and extensive experience in the industry.

Each of our construction sites is carefully followed and everyone working there is carefully selected, ensuring specialised professionals and craftmanship of high-quality and tradition.

Remembering, narrating, tracing a story with expert hands and eyes that look beyond. Only in this way, it is possible to give new life to the stone; only in this way, you can restore.

The know-how of a craftsman who communicates with the matter, who understands it and who allows its expression in all its full potential.

It is an ancient knowledge, but not old – it brings the richness of elapsed time and the dynamism of what is to come. It is everything underlying a restored mosaic, the recovery of a Venetian floor, an Apulian cocciopesto or a marmorino created according to ancient techniques.

Thanks to the technical skills of our professionals and our skilled workers, handed down from generation to generation, it is possible to apply a criterion of excellence towards achieving the highest quality.